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Turn your WiFi into a Marketing Machine

Capture valuable customer data on your WiFi network and integrate directly with your favorite marketing applications.

Automate your marketing to increase customer retention and loyalty. Its easy with MyPlace Connect

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Get more customers more often by engaging then on your WiFi. Increase customer lifetime value and keep them coming back for more


Put your business on the map by integrating with your favorite review sites. Drive customer engagement and watch your reputation grow


Save time and money by integrating with other marketing applications. Set it and forget it to create your marketing machine

Built for UniFi

Our WiFi Hotspot CRM is built specifically to work with Ubiquiti UniFi hardware. Easy to set up with no additional hardware required.

If you have your own hosted controller you can try our service on a 14 day free trial below!

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Capture Email

User data captured and stored for your email marketing campaigns.

Online Dashboard

Access all you user data and config settings on dedicated online dashboard.

Venue Branding

Apply venue branding including color and logo for a personalized experience.

Loyalty Stats

Identify and reward your most loyal customers with visit frequency stats.

Social Login

Users authenticate quickly with email and other data being captured for marketing.

Personalised Welcome

Welcome your customers back by name on their next visit to your venue.

TripAdvisor Integration

Increase your venues TripAdvisor Ranking by inviting WiFi users to review their experience.

Redirect to website

Direct all your WiFi users to a webpage or special offers landing page.


Turn your WiFi into a marketing machine. Get in touch for a demo with our team!



You can buy directly from Ubiquiti on their online store if you are in the US or Canada. They also have distributors all over the world, listed here on their website. You can also simply purchase a unit like this on Amazon

A WiFi Access point is a device that extends your WiFi signal throughout your building. MyPlace Connect works with Ubiquiti UniFi Access Points and you can buy as many as you need to cover the areas you need WiFi in

Yes, the MyPlace WiFi CRM service is compliant with GDPR legislation in the European Union. GDPR rules do not apply to customers outside of the European Uniion

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Yes, a valid SSL cert is required for your UniFi controller domain. The WiFi user will experience SSL browser errors when navigating the guest captive portal unless there is a valid SSL cert in place

Unfortunately not at this time. The UniFi controller needs to be online and have an accessible URL so that the API can work. The API does not work with the cloud key hosting the controller. However, we can host your controller for you on our dedicated servers as part of the service.

This means that the controller must be accessible via an available url. It could be hosted on a service like Amazon or be running on a server. Cloud keys are not considered online in this instance

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