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Frequently Asked Questions

About MyPlace Connect

MyPlace Connect is a WiFi focused software company, based in Dublin, Ireland. We build WiFi software for hospitality and retail businesses all over the world.


Our product is built exclusively for the Ubiquiti UniFi WiFi range. It has a native integration with UniFi so that it can be activated easily from within the UniFi controller

Yes, you will need your own internet to use the MyPlace Connect service


Yes, the MyPlace WiFi CRM service is compliant with GDPR legislation in the European Union. GDPR rules do not apply to customers outside of the European Uniion


Yes, a valid SSL cert is required for your UniFi controller domain. The WiFi user will experience SSL browser errors when navigating the guest captive portal unless there is a valid SSL cert in place

Unfortunately not at this time. The UniFi controller needs to be online and have an accessible URL so that the API can work. The API does not work with the cloud key hosting the controller. However, we can host your controller for you on our dedicated servers as part of the service.

This means that the controller must be accessible via an available url. It could be hosted on a service like Amazon or be running on a server. Cloud keys are not considered online in this instance

Payments and Billing

We do not have a minimum contract term for our basic packages. You can cancel any time you like

TripAdvisor Integration

MyPlace integrates with TripAdvisor Review Express to send all your customers a request to review their experience on TripAdvisor. This increases the number of reviews you receive by over 400% and will increase your TripAdvisor Ranking