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Provide a safe WIFi experience and capture guest emails
$ 39 Monthly
  • Capture guest emails when they join venue WiFi
  • Export all Data to csv file for easy off cloud storage
  • Extend your brand experience by customizing the guest login portal
  • Take control of your network with customized WiFi access times
  • Stay compliant with data protection legislation, including CCPR & GDPR
  • Guest social login for easy WiFi access and enhanced behavioural data
  • Comprehensive UniFi integration with no extra hardware required


Increase customer loyalty with enhanced behavioural data
$ 49 Monthly
  • All of the Starter plan features
  • Supercharge your email marketing with dynamic Mailchimp integration
  • UDM and Cloud Key easy setup with hostname generation
  • Segment your data into customer type for personalised engagement
  • Get the info you need with customizable WiFi login portal
  • We host your UniFi site on our cloud based UniFi Network Application
  • Get direct feedback and identify loyal customers with Net Promoter Score tool


Maximize your guest database with enterprise level support
$ 69 Monthly
  • All of the Starter and Pro plan features
  • Connect your key data platforms with custom integrations
  • Enhanced customer support for enterprise level service
  • Get the most from your marketing platform with monthly consultancy meetings
  • Dedicated UnFi Network application hosting for complete control
  • Know your customers with advanced behavioural and analytics data

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