WiFi CRM Plans for One Location

$ 49 Per month
  • For the first Access Point

$ 10 Per month
  • For each of the next 2-5 Access Points
$ 5 Per Month
  • For each of the next 6-20 Access Points
$ 2 Per Month
  • For each additional Access Point

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More Than One Location?


That’s totally fine and you will not need to pay for all access points in this case. If you let us know after signup how many access points are actually used by guests, we can adjust your pricing so that you only pay for what you need

No, we do not have a minimum contract term. You can use the MyPlace WiFi Marketing service for as long as you need and can quit any time you like

The MyPlace Service is a monthly charge based on the number of WiFi access points in your location. The first access point in a venue is $49 per month, access point numbers 2,3 & 4 are $10 each per month. Access points 5 through to 15 are $5 each per month. If your location is bigger than that please get in touch and we can provide custom pricing. For Euro and GBP pricing equivalents please check out our pricing page here

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