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$5 per additional WiFi access point per month


Email data capture

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WiFi analytics admin dashboard

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You can buy directly from Ubiquiti on their online store if you are in the US or Canada. They also have distributors all over the world, listed here on their website. You can also simply purchase a unit like this on Amazon

A WiFi Access point is a device that extends your WiFi signal throughout your building. MyPlace Connect works with Ubiquiti UniFi Access Points and you can buy as many as you need to cover the areas you need WiFi in


Yes, the MyPlace WiFi CRM service is compliant with GDPR legislation in the European Union. GDPR rules do not apply to customers outside of the European Uniion

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The base price is on a per site basis, so if you have 3 sites then you pay 3 base prices plus additional WiFi access point charges per site

We do not have a minimum contract term for our basic packages. You can cancel any time you like

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