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WiFi & Guest Marketing Built For Vacation Rentals

Brand WiFi, collect guest data, and increase direct bookings – all while providing a better WiFi experience for vacation rental guests.

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Guest WiFi

Collect Emails From Every Guest, Not Just The Booker

Create your own custom branded WiFi splash page that every guest uses to log in to your vacation rental’s WiFi. StayFi ensures every guest remembers your brand, not Vrbo or Airbnb.

StayFi Guest Marketing

Engage Your Guests With Email & Text Marketing

10x your marketing with automated email & text marketing integrated with your Property Management Software (PMS) & WiFi data.

WiFi Monitoring

Reduce WiFi Issues With Smart Monitoring

Deploy enterprise-grade Ubiquiti UniFi WiFi 6 mesh networks in your vacation rental properties – all monitored from StayFi’s cloud platform.

How it Works

Plug In StayFi

Plug StayFi into your existing router with the provided cables

Build WiFi Splash Page

Collect information for every guest who uses your WiFi

Start Marketing

Use built-in email & text marketing tools to market to guests

Results Using Stayfi

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Who is StayFi For?

Vacation Rentals

StayFi ensures every guest that stays with you, not just the booker, leaves knowing your brand and how to book with you again. We make it easy to automate your post-stay marketing using StayFi’s integrated email and text marketing tools

Multi-Family & Small Hotels

StayFi can assist in configuring your building-wide mesh system, which can potentially save you money on internet service. We work with both existing and new Ubiquiti UniFi set-ups.

Ubiquiti UniFi Users

Already use Ubiquiti UniFi equipment? StayFi works both with equipment hosted on our own UniFi controller as well as equipment hosted on 3rd party controllers like dream machines, HostiFi, and more.

Integrates With Your Vacation Rental Tech Stack

Take Control Of Your Vacation Rental Guest Data​

Start building your guest list and generating repeat, direct bookings for your short-term rentals.

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