TripAdvisor Review Express WiFi Integration – New Feature

MyPlace Connect has released its first new feature of 2017 and it is a big one. TripAdvisor Review Express WiFi integration uses your hotel WiFi service to capture guest data and automatically send TripAdvisor review requests after they have checked out.

TripAdvisor is becoming increasingly important for the hotel sector and that influence is likely to get stronger in the coming years. Hotel booking decisions are very strongly linked to the hotels performance on TripAdvisor versus its direct competitors. This is much too important to leave to chance and the best hotels in the world know this, which is why they take a proactive approach.

TripAdvisor have a feature called Review Express that lets hotels send a review request to their guests after their stay. This simple act of asking a guest to review their stay results in an average 400% increase in review volumes. As we have highlighted before your hotels ranking on TripAdvisor depends on quantity, quality and recency of reviews.

Well now you don’t even have to think about it. MyPlace Connect have developed a TripAdvisor Review Express WiFi integration so that it all happens in the background –  more reviews, less effort.

TripAdvisor Review Express WiFi Request

We have been keeping this under wraps for these past few months and we worked with some select properties to test its efficacy. The results have been fantastic with one Dublin hotel moving up 30% in its rankings versus other hotels in the same location. If you would like an online demo to see how MyPlace Connect TripAdvisor Review Express WiFi integration can really move you up the rankings, please get in touch by completing the contact form below.

We have many more features planned for 2017 in line with our promise to keep our clients at the cutting edge of hotel technology, and to make your hotel more inclusive and more efficient for a better guest experience.



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