Captive Portal Integration for UniFi

Native API based integration with the UniFi platform. Direct users to the MyPlace portal for registration and authentication.Capture customer data with UniFi. It’s easy with MyPlace Connect.

No Extra Hardware

Integrate directly with your UniFi platform using the native API. No need for extra hardware or flashing of access points.

Quick and Easy Install

Activate your captive portal in minutes by connecting with your UniFi controller. No site visits required.

Grow with UniFi

Grow and scale your business with dedicated UniFi software. Get the most from your UniFi network.


UniFi First

API access to UniFi controller with continuous updates and post UniFi update testing


Client MAC authentication using external portal API integration


SSL encryption and data protection. Password secrets manager for additional security

Data Compliance

End to end data security and compliant with GDPR legislation

Auto Discovery

Retrieve and list sites and SSID’s from connected controllers for automatic venue setup

UniFi Hosting

Free hosting for small deployments and affordable hosting with a hosting partner for larger deployments


Segment user data by SSID and Access Point. Multiple venues on single UniFi site.

Easy Setup

Guided setup wizard lets you connect your UniFi controller and customize your guest portal in minutes.

WiFi Hotspot CRM

The UniFi integration is built to power our WiFi Hotspot CRM. Capturing customer data and providing visitor analytics.


You will need to check these requirements to make sure your UniFi network integrates successfully with the MyPlace WiFi Hotspot CRM.


Controller Online

Your UniFi controller is required to be publicly accessible i.e. ability to reach the controller from a standard browser.


SSL Cert

You controller domain name will to have a valid SSL cert for the UniFi Hotspot CRM to work properly.


Ports Open

All ports as specified by UniFi need to be opened on the machine hosting the controller and on the local router.

No online controller?

- Free hosting for small deployments
- Affordable hosting with specialist UniFi hosting partner

UniFi Frequently Asked Questions


Good point, and indeed we suggest that you don’t do this if possible. Ideally you should create a new admin for the site that you want to connect, and then use those credentials to connect with the MyPlace service. If you ever need to add another site from the same controller you can simply extend the priveleges of the new admin user. Even at that, the MyPlace service has very limited functionality within the controller and can really only change the guest portal function

Yes, you will need an active SSL cert on the UniFi controller. The iOS, Android and Window’s captive network assistants among others will be hostile to any WiFi portal that does not have an SSL cert and will result in multiple errors for the user trying to join the WiFi

UniFi controller online means that the controller is publicly accessible via any browser. The reason for this is that UniFi use their API to send commands to and from the controller, therefore the controller must always be available. The best way to achieve this is UniFi cloud hosting, however an on premise server or cloud key exposed to a public url will work just as well.

Yes, the MyPlace service can work with the UniFi cloud key. It will need to be set up slightly differently but we can help you help you with that. If you would like to know more please get in touch

No, you do not need a USG or UniFi switch to work with our service. All you need is at least one UniFi access point

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