Turn your WiFi network into a marketing machine

WiFi CRM and data capture application that integrates directly with the Ubiquiti UniFi controller. No extra hardware or additional configuration required.

Access user data and set up integrations with Mailchimp and TripAdvisor on a dedicated client admin dashboard.

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More Revenue

The more you know, the bigger you grow. Customer data and analytics drives business growth .

Increase Customer Value

Get the most out of each customer by using data to increase customer lifetime value.

Less Effort

Connect your valuable source of data with other marketing applications to automate your business growth.


Social Login

Quick and easy sign up with social media accounts while still capturing email.

Email Capture

Capture customer email during WiFi sign in. Verified emails for your customers.


Built to work with UniFi WiFi equipment with no other hardware required.

Data Regulation

Conforms to highest standard of global data regulation including GDPR.

Loyalty Stats

Visit Frequency data so you can identify and reward your best customers.

Micro Targeting

Segment users by location in larger WiFi deployments or multi brand networks.

Last Visit

Date of your customers last visit so you can bring lapsed customers back for more.

Event Tracking

Create unique WiFi signals for events and segment customer data by event.


Customize the user experience with your brand colours and logo.

Device Recognition

Customers only register once with automatic connection on each subsequent visit.

TripAdvisor Integration

Increase your business ranking on TripAdvisor by generating automatic reviews with your customer data.


Easily export your data to you favourite email marketing application with csv export.

Ubiquiti UniFi Integration

Find out more about the Ubiquiti UniFi integration. Quick and easy setup with no extra hardware required.


To supercharge your WiFi and start growing your business you will need to make sure you have these requirements taken care of.


Modem / Router

You will need a modem/router in the location. Most standard broadband packages provide this function.


UniFi Hardware

At least one UniFi Access Point is required. For large venues more than one may be required for sufficient coverage.


MyPlace Account

Sign Up for a MyPlace account to start capturing customer data on your UniFi equipment.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Yes, a valid SSL cert is required for your UniFi controller domain. The WiFi user will experience SSL browser errors when navigating the guest captive portal unless there is a valid SSL cert in place.

Unfortunately not at this time. The UniFi controller needs to be online and have an accessible URL so that the API can work. The API does not work with the cloud key hosting the controller. However, we can host your controller for you on our dedicated servers as part of the service.

This means that the controller must be accessible via an available url. It could be hosted on a service like Amazon or be running on a server. Cloud keys are not considered online in this instance.


We do not have a minimum contract term for our basic packages. You can cancel any time you like.

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