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Is your business on the lookout for a new way to leverage your WiFi and increase revenue. Maybe you want to know more about your customers and get more reviews to enhance your online reputation. Zenreach is a marketing product that assists businesses in analyzing their customers data and is one such option but that does not mean it is the right fit for your business. Here are some reasons you might want to consider MyPlace Connect as a Zenreach Alternative

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Zenreach certainly has its benefits as a WiFi Marketing and marketing automation platform where you can capture customer loyalty data. Alternatives to Zenreach, and with any marketing solutions, should always be considered

Alternatives to Zenreach

Guest Wi Fi networks are a valuable source of customer data that can help you deliver a better experience and customer service over time. Your business will benefit greatly from a valuable database where you can reach your customers and not have to pay through platforms like Facebook and Google. The data captured from the guest Wi Fi network and carious bits of data points and contact information and social media data will help your marketing team generate more repeat business for your venue. 

Extra Hardware Required

Zenreach main product line is a small piece of hardware that you install in your location to provide the WiFi signal. While this can be beneficial it also has some drawbacks. If your venue is any bigger than a small coffee shop or restaurant you will need multiple units. This is unlikely to be as good as enterprise WiFi equipment like Ubiquiti which is ideal for hospitality environments. It must be noted that while Zenreach do integrate with other vendors, the full range of features is not always available. Zenreach WiFi marketing platform is limited in regard to the locations in which it can be used. Other WiFi equipment alternatives however can offer more coverage options

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Ubiquiti UniFi and Zenreach

At the time of writing Zenreach do not have a direct integration with Ubiquiti, or at least any that will offer their full range of features. If your location has a Ubiquiti UniFi network installed then you should consider a Zenreach alternative. UniFi is especially well suited to mid size bars and restaurants, all the way up to hotels and shopping malls.

WiFi Marketing Benefits

Using your WiFi to capture customer data and increase engagement is a smart move. MyPlace can help you increase customer engagement and enhance online reputation with automatic review features. Micro targeting and event based analytics also provide an opportunity for important segmentation of data to enhance your marketing message and increase return on investment (ROI). The umbrella term for using your WiFi as a marketing tool is known as WiFi marketing, and you can read more about it here

Zenreach is just one example of WiFi marketing platform that works with various integration partners to enhance customer service. Like MyPlace Connect, it is possible to improve reviews and generally increase the value of the marketing data that businesses utilize

CRM for Restaurants and Bars

There are several ways to capture email on WiFi for restaurants and Zenreach is one of those options. As Ubiquiti UniFi is one of the most popular WiFi vendors you may find that you already have this equipment in your restaurant or bar. In this scenario your Zenreach alternative is read to go with hardware required at all. The importance of a CRM will continue to grow in the years ahead. Data is the new oil and unless your restaurant or bar has its own source, you could lose control of your future market access

Zenreach alternatives searching need not be a long process. Getting the right WiFi marketing solution to work with your enterprise WiFi system is worth getting right however

Zenreach Alternatives and Price

It is fair to say that Zenreach marketing system is at the upper end of the scale when it comes to price. While it does offer features like guests location tracking and customer ratings, these features can also be found at most other competitors. Zenreach pricing, and indeed the price of any product needs to be considered for business growth needs. Businesses always need to be looking at alternatives and luckily the WiFi marketing platform space is well catered for by competitors

Zenreach Alternative

Customers and the ability to attract more customers should be the number one goal for business. Software can really help and there are many categories of software for the hospitality and entertainment business space. Alternatives to Zenreach software product, or any other software product should always be considered to help get more customers to your site

So if you are considering implementing a WiFi marketing and analytics solution for your venue or you are considering a Zenreach alternative, then consider MyPlace as a long term partner for your business

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